Let's Make Ts & Cs Easy

Let's just start with this - we're a bulletproof host, so you shouldn't expect too many terms and conditions, right?

So, how about this:
• No hosting of child porn or any terrorist material;
• No email spam. Simply put, land your IP in Spamhaus, and say farewall to your service;
• No abuse of the network (e.g. if you launch your script and you notice performance drop of the service, you'll immediately stop the script and contact us. We're always happy to help find a solution;

• Payment by Bitcoin or PerfectMoney ONLY! Please don't waste our time by asking if you can pay by PayPal. You can't!
• We don't need your real info! Just register with a fake (preferably funny) name. The only real info we need is a reachable email address to send your access details to. Hopefully gmail or protonmail. While you can use Outlook/Hotmail/MSN, we can not guarantee delivery to these domains. Those email providers simply suck, and you shouldn't use their services. We're not saying you can't, but you shouldn't. Really! Still not convinced? One more time - please, don't! Whilst we have no experience with this email service, we find it quite amusing. Use this one instead. Pretty, please!

Simple? Thought so!