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Upcoming changes to our services

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October will bring many changes to how DMServers operate. Some will be more noticeable than others, but they’re all aimed at improving the quality of our services.


Virtual Servers

First of all, we have decided to change the amount of RAM allocated to some of our Cloud range virtual servers. This is due to the fact that the starter plans do not provide enough RAM for the Windows operating system to function at optimum speed.

The new RAM allocation will change for the following Windows VPS:

Cloud #1: 1 GB RAM => 2 GB RAM

Cloud #2: 2 GB RAM => 3 GB RAM

Due to the added RAM, there will also be a slight increase in the pricing of these plans, which you will be able to view on the Windows VPS page some time in October. Existing customers are not affected by this.

Ability to use Custom ISO with Cloud Virtual Servers

Do you know many VPS providers that allow you to install the operating system of your VPS from your own custom ISO? No? Then I’m letting you know that we’re one of such companies! Got a custom ISO for your OS? Let our support guys know and we’ll install it for you.


Another event to take place in October is the launch of our redesigned website. We currently do not know when it will go live, but look out for it and don’t get confused when you don’t see what you’re used to, as the new look is going to be completely different.

That’s all for October. We’re already planning some good news for November, so stay tuned, and don’t forget to like SharkServers on Facebook and stalk us on Twitter for all the latest news, service updates and promotions.

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