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The Datacenter Story

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The Ones Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones That Do!

-Rob Siltanen

It was late evening on a rainy day in September, 2015. Sitting at my desk and drinking my 8th cup of coffee that day, I was trying to stay awake and figure out whether me and my business partner can pull off the largest project we had on our minds so far – our very own datacenter. A place where we would be next to the things we love so much – lots of servers and flashing lights!


Now, this is not something everyone can do. At least not without considerable amount of money and a team of people who know what they’re doing.

The idea of having our own datacenter – or at least a room we can call a datacenter – was around for years, but now we had almost everything to make it happen. In order to save money, we were determined to do as much as possible on our own.


September 2015 –

December 2015 – Office and data hall building rented from Reading Borough Council

January 2015 –

Moving In

Acre Business Park
The Datacenter Building

It was shortly after the New Year’s Day 2016 when we got the keys for the building. Part of the building was a bakery years ago and had massive heat extractor fans, which came in handy later on. The rest was just an empty space. We were about to change that.

Virgin Troubles

We approached around eight ISPs for quotes when deciding on what Internet Service Providers we are going to use to connect our building to the Internet. It was decided to go with Virgin – the quote was the lowest, and the time to install was given as 60 days of order. We were fine with that – the plan was to have everything set up by the time the building is connected.

Around 40 days passed since the order was placed, and we haven’t had a single call, email or any other communication from Virgin, so we called them up. The customer service agent talking to us had no idea why nobody had called us and updated us on the situation. He promised that someone will contact us ‘shortly’. Needless to say, we cancelled the order and looked for another provider, but we’ll come back to this.

More Trouble: Aspire Technology Solutions

Success at Last: Between the Lines (BtL) / CityFibre

Moving In

Me and my business partner had a bit of equipment from our home labs that we could use. Without much thinking, all our IT gear was brought over. Server racks were bought at a massive discount from a purpose-built datacenter in Slough, which was closing down.

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